Pallet Rack Parts
Pallet Rack Parts
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Pallet Rack Parts

1. Pallet Rack Upright Frames

Are available in heights starting at 72 inches high and run as high as 144 inches high. Frame depth starts at the 24 inches deep and run as deep as the standard 48 deep in 6 inch increments.

2. Pallet Rack Decks

are available in a plywood on a planked configuration also available in a waterproof sealed configuration also.

3. Pallet Rack Beams

Run from one upright frame to another, are available in lengths from 36 inches long to 144 inches long and are available in a standard duty, regular duty, and a heavy duty configuration. The load is rated at the beam.4.

4. Pallet Rack Supports

Run from one beam to another beam and provide support for the decks.

Pallet Rack Grid Decks

Pallet Rack Grid Decks

are just as the title describes a wire grid.

Pallet Rack Leveling Shims

Used to level the Pallet Racking System.

Pallet Rack Mount

Pallet Rack Mount

are used to anchor the pallet Racking to a stable and sturdy wall.